Nexus Emergency Care ADT Life Alert Lifeline Systems
Standard Activation Fee $0.00 $49-$99 varies based on location $295 $72.95
Contract required NO contract required yes- 1 year yes- 3 year NO
Monthly rental $34.95 $34.95 49.95 $41.00
Free spouse coverage $6.95 per month $40 for additional pendant $49 for additional pendant $10.00/month
Discount Rx Card included NO NO NO
ID protection for your whole family included NO NO NO
Nurse triage service available NO NO NO

The New England Journal of Medicine reports:

  • victims of home falls who cannot reach a phone were incapacitated an AVERAGE of 18 hours. 
  • 28% of the victims died often as a direct result of not having timely help.
  • Only 38% of the survivors were able to return to independent living.

Your independent living is at stake.  Don’t gamble.  If you are a senior and live alone, you need Nexus Emergency Care.

No other company offers identity theft protection to your entire family when you protect yourself with Emergency Care.  We do.  Your entire family is protected through Nexus Identity Care.

No other company offers a discount Rx card when you protect yourself with Emergency Care.  We do.  If you don’t need it, one of your kids certainly will.

About our monitoring center:

  • exceeds UL standards: Underwriters’ Laboratories for Protective Signaling Services (UL# S24580-1)
  •  monitoring operators trained with APCO/SIA certified 911 training
  •  over 70 years of combined experience in Central Station monitoring services