Falls Complicate Aging At Home

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“Falls are one of the most common health problems experienced by older adults and are a common cause of losing
functional independence,” said guidelines panel co-chair Mary E. Tinetti, MD, from Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, in a news release. “Given their ... Read More →

Aging in Place Key Program Definitions

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Emergency response systems

Emergency response systems (most often known as medical alert or medical alarm systems) provide a signaling device you can wear at home. If there is a medical or other emergency, you press a button to alert an operator who contacts emergency personnel. This ... Read More →

The Power Of One: Aaron Alvin, Sr.

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We all have power to change… to become better… To help others… no matter how far down life’s path.  Aaron’s a great example!
A co-worker wondered why I post these Power of One topics.  I do these on Sunday morning… as a way to highlight others ... Read More →