Compare Us To the Rest… They Come Up Short

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Nexus Complete Care ADT Life Alert Lifeline Systems
Standard Activation Fee $0.00 $49-$99 varies based on location $295 $72.95
Contract required NO contract required yes- 1 year yes- 3 year NO
Monthly rental $39.95 $34.95 49.95 $41.00
Free spouse coverage $6.95 per month $40 for additional pendant $49 for additional pendant $10.00/month
Registered Nurse Access included NO NO NO
ID protection for your whole family included NO NO NO
Discount Healthcare Card included NO NO NO

Is Emergency Response Important?

Why Nexus Complete Care Service?

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I was chatting with a pharmacist last week.  I had just explained the three main services we offer.  He wanted to know more about when each service would be best used.  Here’s a synopsis of what I told him:
Nexus Compete Care is helpful for people that ... Read More →

Nexus Alert Trending Toward Successful Care

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South Carolina Leads the Way

You may have read the posts on saving Medicaid from several months back… I’d like to report on the trial happening in South Carolina.  South Carolina was looking for a solution to frequent fliers… those folks on Medicaid that use Read More →

Updating Nexus Alert Services

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Just a quick note… The demand for Nexus Nurse Care is so strong that we will no longer offer Nexus Emergency Care as a stand alone service.  We are offering Nexus Complete Care as our premiere service.  Additional services such as fall sensors, additional family ... Read More →