Access to Nurse Triage Services… Simplified

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Nurse Triage to the Rescue

Studies suggest that access to nurse triage services cut the amount of ER usage by 80%.

Seems like a no-brainer.  Folks want medical information about their specific medical issues.  They might be able to look up information about their specific concern on the internet, but there are so many conflicting sources, suggesting so many options.  New moms, mom’s with young kids, people with high deductible health insurance, people with no health insurance… they all want simple access to get basic medical questions answered by qualified medical authorities… either a registered nurse or a doctor.

For people on Medicaid, that access can be hard to come by.  They may not have a primary care physician… and Medicaid pays for emergency room visits… so the easiest access to qualified medical professionals in through the local emergency room.  There is an extreme cost associate with this method of access.  For the Medicaid patient, often several hours will be spent waiting to be seen in the emergency room.  For tax payers, the cost is also extreme… $561 for the average visit.  Nurse triage could save billions of dollars a year if Medicaid patients called in before they went to the ER.

Even folks that do go to a primary care physician office may be better served with easier access to RNs.  This is where Nurse Triage comes to the Rescue.  Most insurance companies have nurse triage services available through toll free numbers.

The Problem with Nurse Triage Hot lines

Nurse Triage services seem like the perfect answer, but there are problems.  Often, nurse triage lines operate only during office hours.  This is a real problem, because young mothers often have the most urgent need to ask medical questions in the middle of the night, after trying to sooth a sick child for several hours.

Nurse triage services are notorious for their low utilization rates… in fact, most toll free services are utilized by less than one percent of the people that should be using them.  This is a significant problem, because the value of the services are largely unrealized.

The reason for this low utilization rate is that most people lose the 800 number when the need to call it.  They forget that they even have access at their fingertips.

The Solution For Nurse Triage Blues

The solution is very simple, both in explanation and in implementation.  Removing friction and creating a physical reminder of the near instant access to health care answers will create significantly higher utilization rates… especially important for people that are covered by Medicaid, not covered by health insurance at all, covered by high deductible health insurance or covered through a self insured employer.

If only a piece of hardware existed that had a one button access to board certified registered nurses… That would remove the friction, and remind people that they do have near instant access to quality health answers.  We are in luck!!  Such a service does exist!  Nexus Nurse is just such a service.  Nexus Nurse is built on top of Instant Care’s console.  Instant Care’s console has both a Nurse button and an Emergency button.  Through this console, we offer Nexus Nurse Care, Nexus Emergency Care, or both, through Nexus Complete Care.

Nexus Nurse Care’s service has realized impressive results: 64% of people that were going to go the an emergency room chose to utilize a less expensive health care option, often trying nurse suggested home solutions first.

If you are a decision maker for Medicaid, for a self-insured employer, or for a health insurance company, please email mail me for information about setting up a pilot program in your organization.  There are no long-term contacts, and you will verify our results right in your operations.

If you are a consumer, and wish to start one of our great services, dial 1-855-EZ-ALERT… no long term contracts are required, and no set up fees.

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